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Fitzroy Learning Network is working with the other Yarra Neighbourhood Houses to develop climate actions and resilience.


The FITZROY LEARNING NETWORK has become a donation partner with the 3 collection companies.

Visy in the North, 

Return It in the East 

TOMORA Clean away in the West.

You can donate your refund to the FITZROY LEARNING NETWORK via one of the apps, depending on where your closest collection point is.    


You can donate to FITZROY LEARNING NETWORK by dropping off your empty containers here at Napier St.

  • Only containers with the 10c sign.

  • Aluminum cans – Do not crush.

  • Small plastic drink bottles – Do not crush.

  • Small glass drink bottles.


You can take your containers to your closest refund point to receive the refund for yourself. Download the CDS app to receive your refund.

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