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If you are a new student who wants to study at FLN, please call (03) 9417 2897


For accredited English classes, our office will organise a time for an interview. After your interview you can start classes.


This information is to support our students with the relevant information they require as a student, in relation to their course, paying their fees and providing access to policies relevant to their student rights and terms and conditions of being a student with FLN.

If you are having issues with your studies or need extra support you can speak to your teacher or the Manager of Accredited Training Programs. At FLN we have staff members in place to provide you with support. 

We encourage our students to provide feedback about our courses or any concerns they have in relation to being a student with FLN. Feedback can be made via the link to the feedback form below and can be done without giving your name or email details, just detail your feedback. 

For general information in relation to your studies at FLN please see the student handbook, which you should have received when you enrolled. If you need another copy do not hesitate to ask at reception and a new copy will be provided to you.




Our forms are currently being updated and will be added soon. If you need any assistance understanding or completing a form in relation to a policy please let a teacher know or the Accredited Training Program Manager. We  can support you. 




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