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Who is suitable for this certificate? 

This course is for adults who have very limited or no English skills.  It will help students learn the very basics of English, and become familiar with the adult learning environment in Australia.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

What will I study?

Qualification Structure

5 units of competency need to be completed to achieve the qualification.  There are no core units.  The course the FLN delivers is below.

Course Location

All classes are delivered face-to-face at Fitzroy Learning Network.

Units of competency delivered

Prelim Qualification Schedule.png

How will I study?

Study at FLN is face-to-face, in the classroom.  There will be some work for you to complete at home too.

How long will I study for?

Length of certificate

Full time course attendance is 42 weeks, or one year.  Part-time attendance is generally over 2 years.  Please contact the office if you wish to attend part-time.

Nominal Hours

490 hours

Volume of learning

490 Hours per year – all work is conducted in the classroom. (12 hours a week).

Class schedule

9am-1:30pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday with a half an hour break.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment Structure

Assessment for each unit will take place towards the end of that unit’s delivery period.  All units require at least 2 assessment tasks to achieve competency.

Assessment Methods

Assessment in 10725NAT will include activities such as:

  • Written work

  • Oral questioning

  • Making portfolios/projects

  • Teacher observations

  • Role pays/oral performance

  • Direct interaction with teacher

Can I get credit transfer?

If you have studied parts of this qualification, or a version of this qualification before, you may be eligible for credit transfer for units already completed.  Please let FLN know if you think you might be eligible.

What will I recieve when I finish the course?

Certificates and Statements

Students who successfully complete 10725NAT Course in Premliminary Spoken and Written English will recieve a Certifcate of Completion and a Record of Results. Students who do no successfully complete all units will recieve a Statement of Attainment for those units they successfully completed, plus a Record of Results for the other units.

Learner Pathways

Students who successfully complete 10725NAT Course in Preliminary Spoken and Written English can enrol in 10727NAT Certificate I in Spoken and Written English.  Students may also wish to take advantage of some of the non-accredited training options available to them – including computer classes; literacy and numeracy classes; sewing classes and cooking classes..

How much will it cost?

Students eligible for AMEP classes do no pay any fees.  Skills First or Fee for Service students will have to pay some fees.  Please visit our Student Fees page for more information.

If you might have difficulty paying your fees, please speak to our office staff - we have options to help you with your fees.

How do I enrol?

All students who want to study at FLN will have to so a pre-assessment interview and assessment.  This is to work out your eligibility, and to see which class is most suitable for your needs and aspirations.  

Please contact the office to arrange an interview today!


We can't wait to have you as a student.

Fitzroy Learning Network delivers accredited English language classes through:
  • The Adult Migrant English Program [AMEP] funded by the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs, and
  • The Skills First Program funded by the Victorian  Government 
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